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Enter Canada With A DUI
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What are my chances of getting into Canada with a DUI?

Your chances of successfully entering Canada following a DUI arrest will depend on your circumstances (i.e. reason for entering, particulars relating to DUI conviction etc…).  The decision to admit a criminally inadmissible foreigner to Canada rests completely with the border agent or visa officer assessing the Temporary Resident Permit or Criminal Rehabilitation application.  A well-prepared, compliant submission is the best way to maximize your chances of being granted access to Canada following a DUI.

It is important to note that Citizenship and Immigration Canada does not allocate a significant amount of resources toward processing Temporary Resident Permit and Criminal Rehabilitation applications.  Administering access to Canada for foreign nationals with criminal infractions is simply not high on the Government of Canada’s priority list.

Changes to Canada’s position on foreigners with a drunk driving infraction may change in the future, however for the time being all individuals with a DUI arrest must apply for special permission to enter Canada by way of Temporary Resident Permit or Criminal Rehabilitation.
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