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Enter Canada With A DUI
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If you received a DUI after your 18th birthday, you may require a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) before you can enter Canada.  Speak with a Canada DUI lawyer about entry to Canada via Temporary Resident Permit.

It is important not to confuse a Temporary Resident Permit with a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV), as they serve entirely different purposes.

DUI Canada Entry Via TRP

A Temporary Resident Permit is a document that circumvents inadmissibility so that you may enter Canada with a drunk driving infraction on your record.  A TRP is not intended to be a permanent solution to criminal inadmissibility.  The permanent remedy to criminal inadmissibility due to DUI, is Criminal Rehabilitation, or Deemed Rehabilitation by the passage of time.  Temporary Resident Permits are limited in duration and can be valid for up to 3 years according to Canadian immigration law.  For a variety of reasons, however, Canadian immigration authorities are hesitant to issue Temporary Resident Permits for the three year maximum. Individuals seeking entry to Canada by way of TRP are strongly encouraged to send their application to a designated Canadian consulate.

A Temporary Resident Permit is a short-term entry pass intended to bridge inadmissibility for foreign nationals with a DUI conviction. The onus is on the applicant to demonstrate a significant need to enter Canada despite DUI when applying for a TRP.  Candidates will need to articulate a reason for entry to Canada greater than the safety risk their presence poses to Canadian citizens, among other requirements. Some reasons a TRP might be appropriate for DUI Canada entry are:

  • Mandatory trip/event attendance
  • Family connections
  • Work
  • Significant benefit to Canada
  • You will be contributing to humanitarian interests

The decision to issue a Temporary Resident Permit rests exclusively with the Canadian immigration officer assessing the application.  The deciding officer also has the authority to determine the length of a TRP application – maximum 3 years.  Failed TRP applicants will be required to submit another application – there is no appeals process.   An experience DUI Canada entry lawyer can help you prepare a strong application, giving you a better chance of successfully entering Canada.

Applying for a Temporary Resident Permit

Temporary Resident Permits may not be used to overcome criminal inadmissibility permanently, or in conjunction with permanent resident applications.

Candidates eligible for criminal rehabilitation are strongly encouraged to go through that process before, or in conjunction, with a Temporary Resident Permit application. Since criminal rehabilitation processing times can be lengthy, TRP’s are frequently used as a temporary admissibility bridge, so that foreign nationals with a DUI, or other drinking and driving convictions, may enter Canada.

Canadian immigration authorities encourage individuals to apply well in advance of anticipated travel dates as applications can take several months to process.

Note: In urgent circumstances a TRP can be obtained at a Canadian port of entry (airport, seaport, or border crossing).

DUI Canada Entry Lawyer

Each year thousands of people are refused entry to Canada because of a DUI, DWAI, OWI, or other drinking and driving-related offence. The inability to access Canada due to a DUI can put stress on personal relationships and act as a career impediment.  Our DUI Canada entry lawyers will cost-effectively devise a longterm strategy so that you may resume normal travel to Canada.  For more information about entering Canada with a DUI, contact First Immigration law Firm @ 1.855.360.4333.