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    Frequently Asked Questions on Canadian Immigration


    Do you offer free consultations?

    Yes!  We are pleased to offer free comprehensive consultations to determine whether or not you stand a fair chance of being permitted entry to Canada with a DUI, and by which avenue.  We are happy to answer questions relating to general criminal inadmissibility and our Canada DUI entry process.  If you decide to retain our services, you’ll be pleased to know that our fees are up-front

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    What are my chances of getting into Canada with a DUI?

    Your chances of successfully entering Canada following a DUI arrest will depend on your circumstances (i.e. reason for entering, particulars relating to DUI conviction etc…).  The decision to admit a criminally inadmissible foreigner to Canada rests completely with the border agent or visa officer assessing the Temporary Resident Permit or Criminal Rehabilitation application.  A well-prepared, compliant submission is the best way to maximize your chances of

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