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Enter Canada With A DUI
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Entering Canada with a DWI Conviction

Entering Canada with a DWI Conviction Most foreign nationals are surprised to learn that a single DWI conviction (Driving While Impaired) can render them criminally inadmissible to Canada. Anyone arrested or convicted of DWI outside of Canada will be denied entry to Canada on that basis, until they rectify their inadmissible status. Due to the close relationship between Canada and the United States, Americans are frequently

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Entering Canada with a DUI to drive to Alaska

Did you know that a single DUI infraction makes you “criminally inadmissible” to Canada? Individuals planning to drive through Canada to Alaska with a DUI should ensure they have taken steps to rectify their inadmissibility before they embark on their trip.  Arriving unprepared could result in a big disappointment and bring your plans to a halt. For a number of reasons, many Americans need, or prefer,

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Even Celebs Can’t Enter Canada With A DUI

Criminal Inadmissibility and DUIs: Celebrity Edition Anyone with a criminal record can be found inadmissible to Canada, even if they have work to do in the country, and even if they boast the money, fame, agents, and PR handlers that accompany celebrity status. National border security trumps all of those factors in the eyes of the Canadian government, as many world-famous individuals have found out

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